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The three components, Body, Cones, Trim can be rearranged freely.

22mm diameter "Main Body", two types of "Cones" in mirror-finish and matte black-finish,
"Trim (square and round shape) " allow various customization combinations according to your space design.
In addition, the Trim can be connected in multiple units such as 2, 4, 9, 20 etc.,
It can be arranged in a straight line or carve line. The possibilities of your lighting design become limitless.

From left φ40・□45

Body and Cone (Photo on left, above and below)

Trim: One example

LED Specifications

By freely adjusting the body length of downlights, pendants and stands, it offers various applications.

CRI Ra80 LED 5.3w
Power Consumption: 8.5w
luminous flux 243~438lm
Light distribution
13°・21°・49°(Black Cone)
13°・19°・41°(Mirror Cone)
2700k / 3000k / 3500k / 4000k


There are two types of Cones for connecting Bodies and Trims: mirror-finish and matte black-finish. A combination of Trim (black and white) can be deployed for various uses.


Trim: (Frame)

for one light φ40・□45
Deployment examples
For 3 lights / 4 lights / 5 lights / 9 lights / 10 lights
multiple lights, the number of lights can be chosen freely.
(Square shape ・ Round shape)
Black / White

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