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A Piece of Nature

Gaining inspiration from our origins of metal-spinning techniques, we have created a plate of "water ripples". The greenery comes from the designer Takaya, who as a distinguished flower headdress artist. What results is a beautiful and delicate figure resembling a natural plant. The light of the LED illuminates the greenery thus creating shadows like sunbeams filtering down through trees on the ceiling and space, and by combining different fixtures of small, medium, and large sizes, it creates beautiful and calm atmosphere.

Green Design

Extracting Designs Out of Nature

Artificial flowers sprout from water ripples and shoot up to the sky as tree roots sink deep into the earth resulting in an expression of a new kind of light.


Profile of "flower headdress artist" TAKAYA

Takaya commenced his activities in Kyoto in 2004 as a "Hanayuishi"(flower headdress artist), a new and unique form of art. He seeks to connect people and flowers, and has rapidly gained attention by using his original technique of artistic hair dressing to create unique headdresses with fresh flowers. He caught the attention of the well-known bridal fashion designer Yumi Katsura, and in 2010, she called on him to participate in her YUMI KATSURA GRAND COLLECTION. Following this, he then worked his magic in the Tsuyoshi Domoto, a Japanese renowned singer, album "Shamanippon-Roinochinoi". Thereafter, he has continued his artistry by "decorating the heads" of many celebrities of the entertainment industry. Takaya has attracted much attention from the foreign media, including UK's The Daily Telegraph.


Product Design

Rumiko Takeda

Product Designer

Born in 1971 in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Tama Art University in Graphic Arts in 1996. Takeda then moved to Italy in 1999 and graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Milan's European Design Institute. The following ten years (until 2010) she worked as an assistant at the renowned design studio of Stefano Giovannoni. Rumiko has been engaged in numerous design projects for top brands and since 2011 she has been working as a freelance designer maintaining her own design studio in Milano. Her designs have been used by Italy's top kitchen brand ALESSI and by the National Palace Museum in Taipei. She has designed for Yumeshokunin's MISOKA products, MISOKA for Kids, and has received Awards from GOOD DESIGN AWARD, KIDS DESIGN AWARD, and Red Dot Award (Essen Germany).