Need Light- the beginning

A brand-new product was born from the voices of lighting designers who desire to deliver

This product was created by the designers who would like to meet high customer demands, with the ongoing advancement of LED technology. With the cutting-edge sense of airness applied in your space and atmosphere, we provide newly added value. This hardware features high-end functional lighting that will best suit an individual designer and architect’s ideal.

NEEL - the brand

The main body is made of high quality die-cast parts.Despite using LED, neel boasts a color rendering index of Ra95 plus, which was attained through our persistent adoption of mirror-controlled light distribution, not of lens distribution.

Module design Advancing lighting equipment/Heat control Efficient heat radiation by the aluminum die cast body/Reflector design 30°cut-off angle to soften luminous LED/Changeable Adjustability to change in space Abundant stock of optional parts such as filters and lenses

Many optical variations are offered based on the concept of module design, which would never be attained in a mass-production process, in hopes of their free and flexible combination in various spaces.